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Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM Functional Consultant in Pune

Offering SaaS Model

P6 EPPM/Unifier is offered in the form of Software as a Service, with our hosting of P6 applications taking place within the protected environment of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The installation and configuration of applications occur on standardized and secure Linux-based servers, which also incorporate the Oracle Autonomous Database.
Included within the P6 EPPM SaaS packages are a range of components such as P6 Professional, P6 Web, P6 Team Member, P6 Webservices, P6 API, and BI Publisher.For our valued customers, gaining access to the P6 EPPM application is as simple as using a provided username and password."

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Implementation Services

We help customers to Install, Configure, Test and Deploy P6 EPPM, PPM, Unifier and BI Publisher in customer's own infrastructure (On-Premise) and/or in customer cloud environments (AWS, Azure, OCI and etc.).
Equiv technologies follows IT standard process to implement P6 EPPM and Unifier starts from Requirement Gathering, Fit gap analysis, Solution Design, Architecture, Conference Room Pilot (CRP), System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing(UAT), Training, Deployment and Go Live.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Implementation Partner in Kerala

Upgrade Services

Our services encompass aiding clients in the seamless upgrade of P6 EPPM,PPM, Unifier and BI Publisher applications, transitioning from earlier versions to the most current iteration of the software. This process is conducted in accordance with rigorously tested configurations and following the guidance set forth by Oracle. We ensure that the migration is executed with precision and that clients benefit from the latest advancements and features available in the application

Oracle Primavera P6 Support Team in Punjab

Integration Services

Our expertise extends to seamlessly integrating the P6 EPPM application with various ERP systems. In this regard, we possess a proprietary extractor that enables the extraction of data from the P6 EPPM database, facilitating its transformation into different formats including XER, P6 XML, XLS, and custom tables. Notably, the data extracted from P6 can be channeled into XLS and databases, subsequently serving as a robust data source for diverse applications such as ERP systems, data warehouses, and reporting solutions like Power BI, BI Publisher, and Tableau.

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Managed services

As stewards of P6 EPPM and Unifier Applications, as well as their underlying middleware and databases, our managed services team stands ready to promptly troubleshoot and resolve any challenges spanning applications, databases, and infrastructures. Meeting and exceeding service level agreements, we ensure a seamless experience by consistently offering application administration, comprehensive functional and technical support, and the timely application of security patches. Our dedication is not only to maintaining the smooth operation of these systems but also to enhancing the overall efficiency and security for our valued clients.

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Training services

Our Primavera & Unifier Training program offers a comprehensive learning experience aimed at enhancing your proficiency with these essential project management tools. Through our structured curriculum, you will gain a deep understanding of Primavera P6 and Oracle Unifier, enabling you to effectively manage complex projects from start to finish. Our trainers are industry experts with extensive experience, ensuring that you receive practical insights and hands-on training. With a focus on practical application, you will learn how to create detailed project plans, manage resources, track progress, and streamline communication within your team.