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EQUIV Primavera Cloud

EPC is a cloud computing model that delivers Primavera applications over the internet on a subscription basis in a secured way. By leveraging Primavera P6 Cloud, businesses can streamline their project management processes, reduce project risks, and improve overall project delivery efficiency. The cloud-based nature of Primavera P6 ensures that teams can access their project data and collaborate from anywhere, promoting remote work and flexibility.

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EPC products are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility is one of the key benefits, allowing users to work remotely and collaborate with others across geographic locations.

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Equiv offered on a subscription basis, where users pay a recurring fee (monthly or annually) to access the software. This model often eliminates the need for large upfront investments in software licenses.

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Maintenance and Updates

Equiv technologies handle all software maintenance, updates, security patches, and infrastructure management. Users don't need to worry about installing updates or maintaining server infrastructure.

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Customers can scale easily to accommodate changes in new users, additional; P6 databases, data storage needs. customer can often adjust their subscription plans to match their requirement.

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Automatic Backups

Equiv technologies generally adhere to industry-standard practices, automatically ensuring data backup.

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Equiv Technologies invest heavily in security measures to protect customer data. They often include features like encryption, access controls, and compliance certifications to ensure data safety. Equiv perform frequent security patching for application, infrastructure and pen testing.

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EQUIV provide Primavera webservices to integrate with other software and services, facilitating a seamless workflow across different tools. In addition, customer can purchase PSIX extractor to extract data from P6 databases into XER, XML, XLS and data to custom tables.