Our offices are located in Australia & Australia and providing services across APAC and EMEA regions.
Yes, we are official partners with Oracle.
Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM, P6 PPM, Equiv Primavera Cloud, PSIX Extractor, XER Manager, Primavera Cloud
Yes, as a registered Oracle Partner, we provide licenses for all Oracle-related products, both for on-premise and cloud solutions
There are no minimum license requirement for On-Premise customers.
Equiv Primavera Cloud (EPC) is Equiv Technologies' proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS)/Cloud model. It encompasses all infrastructure aspects, including servers, databases, network, hosting, patching, security, upgrades, and support, all managed by Equiv Technologies. Customers receive Primavera products through this cloud-based platform.
The Equiv Primavera Cloud model covers both licenses and subscriptions. Customers have the flexibility to choose between a subscription-only option or one that includes licenses. Additionally, customers can bring their existing licenses into the Equiv Primavera Cloud subscription model.
Depends on the requirement, it will take minimum 1-2 weeks from the contract signed date.
The timeline for acquiring Equiv Primavera Cloud depends on specific requirements, but on average, it takes approximately 1-2 weeks from the contract signing date.
The Primavera renting model allows customers to access Primavera on a term basis through our Equiv Primavera Cloud..
The Primavera renting model allows customers to access Primavera on a term basis through our Equiv Primavera Cloud..
Yes, we do offer licenses for universities.
Both Industries & Universities can take advantage of a 30-day free trial of licenses through Equiv Primavera Cloud
Yes, integration with your on-premise ERP is feasible. We offer Primavera web services in both SOAP and REST API formats. Additionally, Equiv Technologies provides an extractor product called PSIX Extractor, allowing data extraction from our cloud to on-premise systems with the option to export/import data in XER and XML formats
Equiv Primavera Cloud includes P6 Web, P6 Professional as a click-once application, P6Procloud connect, Team member/Timesheet, and Web services.
Primavera P6 Cloud, also known as Primavera P6 EPPM, includes P6 Web, P6 Professional, Team member, Webservices, and Integration API. In contrast, Primavera Cloud (formerly known as Prime) is Oracle's own Cloud/SaaS solution, available in a web model, and encompasses Portfolio Management & Capital Planning, Planning and Scheduling, Resource Management, and Risk Management.
Yes, integrations are available within Primavera Cloud to facilitate integration with Primavera P6, Unifier, and other ERP systems.
Discounts may be available for more number of license purchases. Please contact our sales team for further details.
You can contact our support team at support@equivtech.com.au or use the provided phone numbers on our website.
To reach our sales team, please contact sales@equivtech.com.au.
Oracle Annual Support and Maintenance is a crucial service provided by Oracle Corporation to its customers who have purchased Oracle software licenses. This service ensures that customers receive ongoing support, updates, and access to critical resources to maintain. Without this maintenance fee, customers may not be able to access software updates or upgrade their software further. Oracle Annual Support and Maintenance is typically billed as a percentage of the software license cost (often around 20% of the net license fee per year). While it is optional, many organizations choose to maintain active support agreements to ensure the reliability, security, and longevity of their Oracle software deployments. It also provides peace of mind in terms of access to expert support and critical updates.