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how to clean P6 config data from XER in Darwin

XER Manager / Viewer


XER Manager supports the project and program management community in the exchange of Oracle | Primavera XER files. XER Manager can display and clean XER files prior to sending to others and also display and clean XER files prior to importing. There is no need to do any 'importing' of XER files into XER Manager, XER Manager can simply look at your current folder, find the files and display them in a list with the valuable information. From that list you can initiate any cleaning, viewing and validation.

XER Manager can validate, prefix, obfuscate, rename and remove unwanted Oracle | Primavera P6 configuration data and produce a cleaner, smaller XER file that maps to your configuration. It maintains templates that can be reused and shared with other XER Manager users. XER Manager does not require a database or any database connections.
XER Manager is the complete XER file manager with the ability to define processing rules for over 65 categories of data found in XER files including several categories exclusive to P6 Web Access data which is often included in XER files without the knowledge of the P6 user.