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What additional features can we expect in on-premise P6 EPPM v23.12

Refinement of Role Limit Calculation
If you choose to display the role limit calculated according to the primary resources' limits, you can choose to calculate the limit using only active resources in P6 Professional on the User Preferences, Resource Analysis tab.

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Project Checker Improved
Project Checker must be enabled during database configuration for all alias types except SQLite. If you configure your database connections from the command line the parameter /ProjectCheckerEnabled can be set to true to enable the Project Checker. As well as Admin Superusers, Project Superusers can run the Project Checker against projects to which they have Project Superuser access.
Two new options have been added to Project Checker dialog box enabling you to restrict the scope of the checks to only severity 1 (important) and 2 (significant) checks only, and to report only errors found by the report.
The report now includes a breakdown table at the top, allowing you to drill down to the report results for specific check types and severity. Alternatively you can choose to view the entire report.

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Paste Data From Excel Directly Into P6 Professional
You can paste data from Microsoft Excel directly into P6 Professional spreadsheets cells. For example, when you are planning future period assignments you can use the Range Paste item on the context (right-click) menu to paste data copied from an Excel sheet into the spreadsheet cells you have selected in P6 Professional. You can also copy multiple cells from a P6 Professional spreadsheet using the Range Copy item on the context menu, and then paste those cells into Microsoft Excel.

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DOE - CPP Export Feature Enhanced
You can export projects and baselines to CPP format from when P6 Professional is connected to a SQLite or PPM database and even when P6 Professional is connected to an EPPM database but is in offline mode. You can also create export templates for exporting project data to CPP format in P6 Professional. CPP fields must be mapped manually when creating CPP templates in P6 Professional.

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See The Number of Projects in a Group on the Projects Page
When your view of the Projects page is grouped, you can add the Project Count column to see how many projects are in each group.

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Add Curtains to Timescale Logic Diagrams and Gantt Layouts in P6 Visualizer
You can modify the layout of any TSLD or Gantt layout in P6 Visualizer to add curtains to the layout. Curtains configured in a P6 Professional layout you export will also be available when you import the layout to P6 Visualizer.
Curtains allow you to change the color and pattern of the background of a layout, enabling you to more easily identify specific time periods in relation to the overall timescale. For example, you might use a curtain to highlight the colder or warmer months of the year if the outside temperature is relevant to your project. You can add an unlimited number of curtains to a layout, define them on the basis of rolling start and finish dates, and choose whether or not to display specific curtain definitions individually.

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